Church Activities

Sunday Services

Our Sunday services are a chance for us to come together as a wider family. During the services we worship God with singing, we pray to Him. Most importantly, we open the Bible to understand God’s truth and plan for our lives

Our preaching style is to simply open each book of the Bible and work through all the chapters and passages of that book.

We regularly take communion together. This is a time for us to remember our sinful nature, the body and blood of Jesus Christ that was broken and shed for us; wiping our sins away so we shall have eternal life in Heaven.


These early years are an important part of getting children familiar with coming to church, spending time with other grown-ups and introducing Jesus to them in a fun environment.

Primary school

On Sundays, we run C4K (Carrubbers 4 Kids) which looks at many of the events of the Bible, looking at what happened, why they happened and how can the Bible apply to their lives.

We also run a Scripture Union regularly at the local primary school. We’ve been blessed to have so many children attend this, who have had no previous exposure to the Gospel; this is the first time they hear about sin and their need for salvation.

High school

On Sundays, during our Bible Class, our teens spend time diving deeper into scripture. Each week varies; sometimes its reading and un-packing various passages, sometimes explore some of the challenges of teenage life and pressures put on them, and discuss what the Bible and God says about various topics of life, and sometimes a member of our church family will share their testimony and be “grilled by the teens” with questions about their life and how God has helped them.

Several of our teens volunteer as helpers in the primary One Way Club. The older teens also serve at regular intervals in our Sunday ministries in many different ways. This gives them a great sense of serving the Lord with the skills and gifts He has given them.


With multiple universities in Edinburgh, having a city centre church is a great opportunity to support students as they move away from home and step into the wide world.

We have many students in our membership who become part of our church family.

Our Logos ministry is open to them and students who are part of other churches. It meets after our morning service and offers a free lunch and further bible study.

We find our students often come having grown up in church, but are now just really discovering what it menas to have their own faith.

We have been blessed for decades to be able to input into their lives, deepen their faith, teach them how to open and study the bible together.

At the end of their study, some will move away to other places around world, but they go with a solid faith into other churches. Some do also stay around and many of our children have parents who met as students.

We have a Pastor in training who focuses on the students

Midweek Activities


Our homegroups meet around the city every 2 weeks. In these smaller environments, we invest in each others’ lives; praying, encouraging, supporting, and rejoicing with each other.

Prayer Meetings

As prayer is such an important part of Carrubbers, once a month, we join together for corporate prayer; lifting our church, city, country and the world up before God.

Bible Studies

Our Women 2 Women, and Men 4 Christ ministries create another opportunity for us to open God’s word. As separate meetings, we gather as men and women to be challenged in our sinful lives to walk more closely with the Lord.

Local and world missions

We have been blessed to send so many missionaries around the world over the years and currently pray for, and financially support missionaries in Edinburgh itself, around the UK, and to the rest of the world.

It has been a joy to hear so many stories of individuals, families and entire tribes coming to faith through God’s work using these willing servants.

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